Patrick Heuel Softwaredeveloper Humanizing Technologies

Patrick Heuel, Softwaredeveloper Humanizing Technologies


Name: Patrick Heuel
Position: Software Developer

Part of the team since: 01.10.2017

How did you get to know Humanizing Technologies?
Tim approached me at a kebab place right around the corner, we hadn’t seen each other for a while and we started talking. I was looking for a professional reorientation anyways. So the opening of the new office in Olpe was just perfect timing.

Why do you work at Humanizing Technologies?
I’m tempted by the opportunity of having a direct impact on the product and its development. As a more or less creative person, I want to reap the fruit of my labour by looking at it, listening to it and touching it. Doing that in a young modern environment is pretty exciting.

What are your duties?
Development of apps for Pepper.

What is your background?
I worked in a foundry for 11 years where I was responsible for the maintenance, care and further development of the ERP-system.

What is fascinating about (humanoid) robotics?
Have you ever seen Star Wars?! 😉
The whole sector is still pretty new for me. So it’s hard to predict the future. But just take a look at mobile phones like ten years ago in comparison to now…I’m really excited to see how (humanoid) robotics will develop in the next couple of years. C-3PO says hi!

What is progress in your mind?
The skill of making progress by one’s own efforts. That’s what makes the difference between us and other animals and what makes us unique on this planet. At the same time it’s so much fun to contribute to progress in general.