Sabrina Jung Assistant to Management Humanizing Technologies

Sabrina Jung, Assistant to Management Humanizing Technologies


Name: Sabrina Jung
Position: Assistant to Management

Part of the team since?

How did you get to know Humanizing Technologies?
Via Xing. Tim approached me, introduced Humanizing Technologies in a pretty appealing way. A meeting convinced me then.

Why do you work at Humanizing Technologies?
Because I like to be part of a young and dynamic team and I want to support the growth of the company. It’s exciting to work in a StartUp.

What are your duties?
“Woman for everything”” – Travelmanagement, Backoffice Sales, supporting the CEO in all kind of projects, communications on all channels (chat / headquarter / e-mails).

What is your background?
I have an apprenticeship as industrial management assistant, I am a qualified management assistant as well as qualified risk manager with apprenticeship in moderation. In addition, I have 13 years of job experiences in total, 11 years in industry and two years in health services of it.

What is fascinating about (humanoid) robotics?
Robotics is entirely new for me. I’m tempted by the unknown and open for the new. The first encounter was really exciting and one of the reasons I’m here now.

What is progress in your mind?
Progress means for me, reaching a new level. It improves, simplifies or changes something for the better.

What do you think about Artificial Intelligence?
Pretty useful, but the risk manager within myself warns that the dealing should happen consciously and an emergency stop switch is totally worth it.

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