• A telepresence robot to stay in close contact with family, friends and colleagues

    With the Double 3 you can be physically present at any location

Always on site at any time, quickly and easily

  • Hear, see, speak and interact
    as if you were there
  • Freedom of movement
    instead of a rigid display video conferencing solution
  • Can be used worldwide
    through internet connection
  • Controllable via browser or app
    control anytime, anywhere, including mobile
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Double Telepräsenz Roboter

Operational areas of the Double 3

Advantages of telepresence robots

Physically present

No matter where you are, you can always get in direct contact with family and friends. The Double makes you feel closely connected even in times of crisis and you don’t take any risks.

Freedom of movement

The remote-controlled freedom of movement and autonomy of the Double 3 telepresence robot opens up a new dimension in video conference tool. Feel free and move around in rooms easily using the browser or a mobile app.

Cost efficient

Save business flights & travel. The Double can also be used in times of crisis and enables you to keep in touch with customers and colleagues, to sell and to continue working. Even after the crisis, the Double can reduce your travel costs and offer an innovative exchange.

Easy control

  • Self-driving
    The Double 3 recognizes the environment and easily bypasses obstacles
  • Click to drive
    Dots on the ground indicate where you can go with one click
  • Flexible camera movements
    The cameras can be physically tilted up and down. This is useful if you want to read documents on a desk.
  • Camera Zoom
    Two 13-megapixel cameras offer a wide view and several zoom levels.
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