Who is FernArbeiter?

A very welcome to your partner for remote telepresence & live communication

FernArbeiter.de started its dealership with one of the first Double robots here in Germany in early 2014.
The brand FernArbeiter.de stands for first class handling when it comes to purchasing a robot, no matter if you are a potential buyer or long-term customer.

Our customers are mainly enterprises, (marketing/event) agencies or education- and healthcare institutions. Over the time more and more end customers feel the interest for a telepresence robot in their own homes or holiday homes. The different user groups and its application scenarios originate very differently. To inspire our customers we show several different possible applications on our website.

As there is enormous potential for telepresence robots, “Humanizing”, the legal company behind the brand FernArbeiter, focused its partnership on the leading manufacturer Double Robotics Inc. from California, United States. Therefore, to make this pioneering technology even more attractive for our customers, FernArbeiter cooperates closely with the Double Robotics Inc. and other manufactures on the market – today, tomorrow and especially in the future.


Telepresence robots are the current way of “doubling yourself”.
However, what will happen tomorrow?
Our living vision works to bring answers to this question.


FernArbeiter’s purpose is to expand use of telepresence robots in Germany and Europe. We are convinced of the future possibility to “double yourself” on a daily basis. It vanquishes the physically impossible and creates space for versatile application scenarios. Our customers are proud “innovators” and “early adopters” of the current market and events of the day, who are already looking at the Giga-market and deal with robotics of the future at an early stage. Selling and servicing telepresence robots and solutions is the core business of FernArbeiter.


FernArbeiter’s strategy and therefore the goals we want to achieve, is the focus on fast processes with efficient opportunities on actions for its customers. To differentiate from others in todays trade market, we focus on our customer’s needs and requirements. This means a personal contact to our customers, fast reaction to our customer’s needs and simple solutions – multilingual and without barriers.


FernArbeiter sees itself traditional but modern as well.
Traditional is our value system and the promise on excellent German businessman attitude. We understand handshake mentality and stick to our words. However, our thinking and actions, and entrepreneurial orientation qualities are modern. We are young, dynamic and prepared on growth.
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