• Double is a self-driving robot that allows you to be physically present at any other location

Double telepresence robot

  • A telepresence robot to move in the distance

    also called mobile iPad, Video Robot or iPad Segway X

  • Freedom of movement

    instead of a rigid display video conferencing solution

  • Can be used worldwide

    Can be used almost anywhere thanks to an internet connection

  • Controllable via browser

    without installing software via drive.doublerobotics.com

  • Controllable via app

    The iOS app (Double Robotics) is available to users free of charge

  • The connectivity in one picture

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Double Telepräsenz Roboter

Work better from anywhere

  • Self-driving
    The Double 3 recognizes the environment and easily bypasses obstacles
  • Click to drive
    Dots on the ground indicate where you can go with one click
  • Flexible camera movements
    The cameras can be physically tilted up and down. This is useful if you want to read documents on a desk.
  • Camera Zoom
    Two 13-megapixel cameras offer a wide view and several zoom levels.

Advantages of telepresence robots

Digital working

Finding, satisfying and retaining employees are special challenges of the New Economy. Working from anywhere is a key driver of business success. Whether it’s to attract the best talent, to temporarily build project teams or to increase work-life integration. With telepresence robots there is a solution to make these points even easier.
Telepresence robots are well-suited to being at a corporate location without being physically present. Autonomy and freedom of movement are the solution in everyday office life. “Just sit down at the table through a robot”.

Freedom of movement

Videoconferencing takes place rigidly at displays and is rarely enjoyed by employees. The remote controllable freedom of movement and autonomy of a telepresence robot opens up a new dimension of possible applications. Without installing software (WebRTC), a telepresence robot also promotes spontaneous presence and interaction with and by outsiders.
Being in two places at the same time and being able to move is always to be named as an ideology behind a telepresence robot. Adding and controlling people does not require intelligence to be programmed into the telepresence robot. These functionalities make telepresence robots so natural and natural and are considered a symbol for the personification of video communication.


Travel is part of everyday life for many companies. Travel costs for the flight, the train journey or the car are incurred, often also a rental car and accommodation as well as expenses. Site visits, regular meetings or trainings can be carried out with a telepresence robot more cost-effective and in particular spontaneous.
Telepresence robots are great for attracting attention. From this new forms of advertising and communication can be realized. Information transmission or telepresence robots can be implemented much more effectively.

Operational areas of telepresence robots


Our Services

  • Sales of telepresence robots
    You can purchase products from Double Robotics Inc. from us. As a German dealer, we have already taken care of everything. Save the import from U.S. – Everything is included in our prices.
  • Rent telepresence robots
    We also rent the Doubles for your purposes. These will be sent to you by courier and picked up again. We offer this service for Germany and Europe.
  • Events with telepresence robots
    The Double as the ultimate Eye-Catcher. Especially effective at a trade show or event. We advise you on organizing and provide personnel if necessary.
  • Customizing of telepresence robots
    We can also customize your purchased Double. Together with our advertising agency, we develop your “branding” for the Double. Open an example now
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