Sebastian Brunsch Software Developer

Sebastian Brunsch, Software Developer


Name: Sebastian Brunsch
Position: Software Developer

Why do you work at Humanizing Technologies?
Because working with Pepper is so much fun and I couldn´t imagine any better colleagues, I´d like to work with.

What are your duties?
I write texts for a natural and fluent conversation with Pepper, program apps to broaden our offer and to fulfill costumer wishes, attend events of our costumers to make sure our robots function accurately and help out wherever needed and possible.

What is your background?
I studied electrical engineering in Karlsruhe and Vienna. During my studies I worked at the institute for telecommunications on various projects additionally.

What is fascinating about (humanoid) robotics?
I´m fascinated by technology and its development in general, what one can already guess through my previous studies. But when it comes to robotics and specifically to humanoid robotics, I´m delighted with the interface human-machine. You can let a machine seem more human by such little and relatively easy mechanisms and we humans tend to focus on those little things in particular, while we forget, little by little, that this in front of us, is actually a machine. When that happens, the most beautiful reactions come about and that might be the highest appreciation possible for my work.

What is progress in your mind?
Progress can solely be the advancement of society or science but also a process concerning only a single person. It can be a single line in a code or a big promotion. In my mind progress is an entirely neutral denotation for something changing and that can be positive or negative. Most of the times it only depends on the perspective.

What do you think about Artificial Intelligence?
I´m really hoping to face proper Artificial Intelligence once in my life and I´m crazily excited how it will be. Already the imagination that it might have a character is incredible. At the same time I dread that we might not like the result…but what´s the delete button for? 😉