Dimitrios Prodromorou Humanizing Technologies

Dimitrios Prodromou, CTO Humanizing Technologies

Who is Humanizing Technologies?
Humanizing Technologies is a start-up focussing on distribution and software development of a humanoid robot named Pepper and a telepresence robot named FernArbeiter, among other things.

Name: Dimitrios Prodromou
Position: Founder und CTO

How has it all started?
The company was founded in the end of 2016. Tim has the knowledge all around the business, I have the one all around technology and development. Consequently the perfect match.

What are your duties?
Software development, coordination of the Austrian team, further development and realization of ideas and orders from our costumers.

What is your background?
Skilled electrician with 13 years experience in robotic and software development.

What are your visions for Humanizing Technologies/FernArbeiter?
Programming Pepper, respectively other humanoid robots, with meaningfulness and purpose so that they are useful for humans as assistance and partners.

What has Humanizing Technologies/FernArbeiter on offer?
At the moment we are developing the next version of a content management system with which the costumer has the abilities to design Pepper´s content himself. Meaning text, graphics, animation,…We listen to our costumers and deliver the apps they want.

What qualities do employees have to bring?
Fun when it comes to teamwork and robots, engagement, commitment and the willingness for long development-days.

What is fascinating about humanoid robotics?
For the very first time we have the option to place a socially accepted humanoid robot in a “human” environment through Pepper. Before robots were either optical or functional not accepted and were refused or not used at all. In addition, it´s exciting to pool already established options and techniques, creating something new and unprecedented and using all that for something good.

What do you think about Artificial Intelligence?
AI can be such an ease for humans if deployed properly. Like every kind of technology it can either be used for something good or something bad. In terms of Pepper, the robot could be, equipped with AI, an intelligent, nice and pleasant dialog partner.