Tim Schuster CEO Humanizing Technologies

Tim Schuster, CEO Humanizing Technologies


Who is Humanizing Technologies?
Humanizing Technologies is a software producer for humanoid robots with the goal of humanizing technologies, as the name states. We develop solutions and operational scenarios passionately, which will help our costumers managing their processes even better and more efficiently by using robots.

Name: Tim Schuster
Position: Co-Founder & CEO

How has is all started?
Dimitrios approached me at a fair as I walked around with a telepresence robot and we started talking about possible cooperations. The following talks quickly turned out being pretty concrete and valuable. We both knew immediately that we could achieve quite something through the combination of our personalities and our knowledge. Eventually we founded nothing less than “Humanizing”.

What are your duties?
Basically I´m responsible for building up the whole company in the background. In addition I´m the main contact person for most of our costumers and pass our knowledge on by working as a keynote speaker.

What is your background?
When it comes to my work, I am a salesman. When it comes to my heart, I am an entrepreneur. I have always been working in sales and distribution in connection to entrepreneurial activities.

What are your visions for Humanizing Technologies/FernArbeiter?
We want to offer game-changing solutions for robots in the field of humanoid robotics and service and by doing so belong to the elite  of software providers. In addition, we want to deliver crucial contributions for society in AI.

What has Humanizing Technologies/FernArbeiter on offer?
Well that´s pretty clear: By now we are an experienced, young, dynamic and pretty cool team full of passion and good solutions for robots and our costumers. We are in excellent contact to the leading figures of the branch and our clients will always partake of that. And of course, we do have handshake-quality.

What qualities do employees need to bring?
Foresight, handshake-quality, having punch and the inalienable will to offer the best solutions possible.

What is fascinating about humanoid robotics?
Actually I´m just fascinated by the countless usage scenarios and the developmental possibilities going hand in hand with it. It is unquestionable that robots will be a big part of our societal and daily life in future. Playing an important role in the development is not just fascinating, but keeps me going day by day.

What do you think about Artificial Intelligence?
Good question. First of all, I think, AI will exert a disruptive impact on all areas of life and economy never seen before. Those will lead to entirely new patterns of behavior. How that will be represented concretely, can´t be told by today. It depends on quite some factors. What will be essential though is how AI will conduct itself in the future. Obviously that raises questions such as: Who has the sublimity about AI in general? Can it be controlled pivotally? Will there be forms of convergence? Could those be alienated? I do have mixed feeling about that, but only because it´s not defined at all what intelligence actually is. When is a system artificial intelligent? And when will technical singularity be reached? Many open questions. That´s why it´s such an exciting topic.