Malu Schimansky, Intern

Malu Schymanski, Intern

Name: Malu Schymanski
Position: Student/Intern

Why do you work at Humanizing Technologies?
The main reason is the team. I want to be surrounded by people, who are motivated to make a difference but keep being humans. Apropos human! Pepper is the most advanced robot out there and being part of the development is not just interesting but so much fun.

What are your duties?
The development of Pepper´s software.

What is your background?
At the moment I´m studying media informatics at the university in Dusseldorf.

What is fascinating about (humanoid) robotics?
Humanoid robots helping in daily life were science fiction for me not long ago. Obviously they have been there for a while but actually meeting them in everyday life is still pretty rare. Humanoid robots need a character other than industrial robots. They have to be similar to the human psychology to be authentic. Accomplishing that is fascinating.

What is progress in your mind?
Progress is accomplishing something, I have never accomplished before.

What do you think about Artificial Intelligence?
Particularly when it comes to medicine or the car industry there is an added value. Intelligent systems are even able to safe lifes. But it is not just about those sectors. An Artificial Intelligence could further technique in all sectors significantly. What is important is being conscious about the positive as well as negative aspects.